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Dogs Available to Adopt

Each dog available has been registered, microchipped and vaccinated and desexed (or will be desexed very soon). We ask adopters for a donation of $230 towards these costs.

If you would like to meet any of our dogs please click on the 'Enquire about adoption' button below the dog's listing and fill out the required form or email for further information.   After meeting the dog if you then wish to proceed with adopting him/her we will do a property inspection and then the dog will have a week's trial at your place.

PLEASE NOTE: You need a fully fenced section to adopt a dog from us.


Bella is approximately 2 years old and is a Foxy cross. She is a small/medium sized dog and has been desexed.
Affectionate and loves company
Loves playing with other dogs
Loves to have a good chew on a bone or a toy
Walks well on the lead
Waits patiently for her food
Comes when called
Enjoys being outside and is happy sleeping in her basket
Crate trained for nights
 Ok with cats and fine with children
Bella would be best suited to a home with another dog for company to keep the boredom away. Bella is looking forward to settling in with her own forever family.


Misty is a Bullmastiff cross, she is 4.5 years old and has been desexed.
Misty was adopted by a lovely family last year, but unfortunately their circumstances have changed and they have made the very difficult decision to re-home her.
Her current family describe Misty is an awesome dog who fitted into their family very easily.
 Loves kids and is very well-behaved around them, would be suitable for families with children aged toddlers and up
 Trained to sit, wait for food, lie down, roll over and shake hands. Perfectly housetrained!
 Enjoys walks, but requires minimal exercise and loves to lounge around in the sun
 Content being both inside and outside
 Loves going for rides in the car
 Prefers not to share her home with cats or chickens, but may get along ok with another dog depending on gender and personality
 Has no "nuisance" behaviours - i.e. doesn't boredom bark, jump up, chew, dig, jump fences etc.
Misty has a very sweet personality who loves to please and would easily be able to learn more. She is a very stable dog who is just happiest around her family. 

 Enquire about adoption


Astro is a male Staffy. He is approximately 3 years old and has been desexed.

Know the commands sit, come, wait, stay and shakes hands
Crate trained and sleeps well throughout the night
Sits and waits nicely for his food, no food aggression
Plays well with other dogs
Travels well in the car
Enjoys fetching sticks in the water, swimming and chasing tennis balls
No problem to leave home alone

Has never chewed anything that wasn't his
Good on and off the lead

No problem around children


Astro is a very loving dog who is who is thriving in his foster home after getting a good dose of TLC. Astro is a real sweetheart and is looking forward to finding his forever home.




Rosie is a female Huntaway. She is 8 years and 4 months old and has been desexed.
House trained and very quick to pick up the house rules
Knows all the basic commands and where her bed is
Sociable with other dogs and child friendly
Good on the lead and with recall
Loves to be in the water and play tug - of - war with other dogs
Rosie is a sweetheart who's top 3 activities are eating, being patted and lying in the sun.

Roo (aka Pipi)

Roo (aka Pipi) is a female Greyhound cross. She is approximately 7 months old and will be desexed soon.

Roo is a friendly wee girl, she is very bouncy and has high energy.

It seems she hasn’t received very much attention in her short life and needs basic training, but she is eager for attention and is very trainable. Roo is very naïve so will need someone who has the time and patience to put into her.

Roo is good with other dogs but not good with cats although she has probably not had anything to do with them. She is about the size (and build) of a whippet and we don’t think she will get much big than she is.

Roo will make a lovely pet but she does need a special someone to help her transition from a neglected outside dog to a happy, loved indoor dog.


Buddy is a male Fox Terrier/Jack Russell cross. He is 1 year and 5 months old and has been desexed.

 Knows sit and lie down and is quickly learning new commands
Walks well on a lead and good off lead at the dog park
Learning to come when called
Great with other dogs and fine with cats
Ok with children
Loves going for rides in the car and sits nicely in the back seat
Toilet trained
Sleeps through the night
Buddy is a clever little boy who is showing signs of being very trainable, he is quickly learning the house rules and good manners. Buddy loves spending time with his humans, whether that is at home or out and about in the car and will make a delightful family pet. 



Harvey is a 9 - 10 month desexed greyhound/ collie cross.

He is back looking for his forever home after a few weeks polishing up his talents and training!

Lifestyle/ Farm/ Space (Harvey requires good exercise). His human(s) need to be home for most/some of the day. Harvey is an inside sleeper at night. More suited to older children.

Intelligent, easy to train boy
Loves balls, sticks and hanging out with his humans
Good with other dogs, chickens, sheep, cows, cats
Lovely chilled nature when his needs are met
Travels well in car
Waits for his food and is gentle taking treats
Knows many commands
Good on and off lead - good recall
Harvey requires stimulation with an owner who will train and lead him and keep his collie brain busy.



 Vinnie is an 18 month old medium sized lab/collie cross. He has been desexed.

 Knows sit and waits for his food
Is good on and off the lead 
 Fast learner
 Toilet trained
 Loves to play with his toys
 Good with other dogs, cats and chickens
 Has a very soft coat
Vinnie is a friendly and very human oriented dog who loves to play...perhaps a bit too much. He does need the right owner to re-train him as he has possibly not had a lot of training and he needs to learn to chill and smell the flowers. He is very trainable and highly motivated and with a secure environment, solid training, routine, discipline, boundaries and consistency he will be an absolute sweetheart. He is friendly with other dogs but a little timid when it comes to play time. He is well behaved when left by himself and sleeps through the night on his bed.



Nelson is a Kelpie cross around 8 months old and has been desexed. He is very well behaved and has a sweet and lovely nature. Nelson loves human attention and playing with other dogs large or small, but can chill out alone or amuse himself with a toy.  

Knows sit and waits for his food
Perfect on the lead and good off it with improving recall
Will fetch a ball or stick
Sleeps on his bed or in a crate
Travels well in the car
Loves a treat and is very gentle
♥ Learning to love water

Nelson is very trainable and playful. He is maturing quickly and will make a great companion or addition to any family.



Milly is a female Shar Pei/Staffy cross. She is approximately 9 - 10 months old and will be desexed soon.
Walks on the lead well
Very child friendly
No problems with meeting new dogs
Getting on ok with the cat at her foster home
Loves a good game of tug of war or fetch
Comes to her name when called
Sleeps very well either on her blanket or on her bed
Milly is a sweetheart who will make a great family dog!

Fatz (aka Dog)


Fatz (aka Dog) is a 10 month old male Collie cross. He has been desexed.
Starting to respond well to his new name and returns quickly with a whistle
House trained
Knows how to sit, very trainable as food oriented
Ok with children
Very curious, social and playful with other dogs, loves playing with a ball
Keen to learn from human training as well as animal interactions
Loves long runs and would be a great dog for a runner
Enjoys trips in the car
Needs some work on lead walking
Fatz (aka Dog) is a real companion, he is a super friendly boy who has a gentle nature and calm disposition despite his young age. 
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