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Dogs Available to Adopt

Each dog available has been registered, microchipped and vaccinated and desexed (or will be desexed very soon). We ask adopters for a donation of $230 towards these costs.

If you would like to meet any of our dogs please click on the 'Enquire about adoption' button below the dog's listing and fill out the required form or email for further information.   After meeting the dog if you then wish to proceed with adopting him/her we will do a property inspection and then the dog will have a week's trial at your place.

PLEASE NOTE: You need a fully fenced section to adopt a dog from us.

Adopted dogs are supplied with a pack of goodies from Mighty Mix.




Misty is a Mastiff x , around 4 years old.  She a large-sized dog and is desexed.
Misty was adopted by a lovely family last year but unfortunately their circumstances have changed and are now looking to re-home her.
   Knows sit/stay
   Waits for food
   Good with children
   House trained
 Will require a strong, knowledgeable owner 

 Enquire about adoption



Pepper is a Lab X, approx. 8 month-old female.  She will be a medium to large-sized dog and will be desexed soon. 

  Very food focused so will be easy to train
  Toliet trained
  Very affectionate 
  Good with other dogs
Pepper is a super-friendly, high-energy wee pup. Pepper will sit and wait to be told she can eat her food and is very gentle taking a treat. She would suit an active family.



Mickey is a Collie, Greyhound X, approx. 12 month-old male.  He is a medium/large sized dog and has been desexed.
  Walks well on the lead
  Knows sit
  Quick learner
  Good with cats
  Good with other dogs
  House trained
Mickey is an energetic, lovely young boy, who would suit being in a house with another dog for company.  He shows promise of being a great agility dog and has good focus. He is extremely affectionate, loves to play fetch and would suit an active family.



Rusty is a 12 month old, Wirehaired Pointer X, male. He is a large-sized dog and will be desexed soon.
He is big cuddly boy who we are still getting to know and we will have more on him soon.


Soldier is a 2 year old, staffy x, male. He is a small/medium-sized dog and has been desexed.
He waits nicely for his dinner
Travels well in the car
Plays well with other dogs
Food oriented
♥ Shares his toys
Good on a lead
Crate trained
Soldier is a snuggly boy who loves to play fetch and play in the water. He plays well with other dogs and is good with cats, so would be fine in a household with existing animals.


Aly is an 8 month old Staffy cross. She will be de-sexed soon.

She is a fantastic wee girl. She is cuddly, happy and playful.

Aly knows her name and usually comes when called. She is enjoying exploring outside and having chase games with other dogs and playing with toys.

We are are still getting to know Aly and will have more info on her soon.


Harvey is a 6 month old greyhound collie cross and he will be desexed soon.
Good with other dogs
Knows sit, stay, come and shakes paws
Lovely calm nature

Harvey is learning how to be an inside dog and and he is lapping up the warmth and cuddles that this brings.
We are still getting to know Harvey and will have more info on him soon.



Poppet is a 6 month female old Staffi/Collie X.
Poppet was rescued a couple of weeks ago but was unwell so has been recuperating. She is fully recovered now and looking for her forever home.

Poppet is a very sweet, quiet little girl desperate for love. She can be timid towards strangers for the first ten minutes or so and then (once she realizes you're not going to hurt her) will be your best mate for life!
Poppet doesn't appear to have had any basic training or to have lived indoors but she she is now learning to sit and toilet-train and is very responsive and looking to be a fast-learner.
Great with kids (has not been around very young children as yet)
Loves playing with other dogs
Excellent with cats 
Good with horses, sheep, chickens etc.
Has excellent recall and also likes to check in every few minutes when off-lead running to make sure that you're still there
Poppet is a very gentle little girl who is grateful for any affection. She will make a lovely family or companion dog.



Mate is a 2 - 3 year old tricolor Short Coated Collie who will be desexed soon.

Knows sit and lie down
Good with other dogs, cats and chickens
Loves jumping up on the back of the Ute

Mate is a gentle natured boy who lives up to his name.
We are still getting to know Mate and will have more info on him soon.







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