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Dogs for adoption

If you would like to meet any of our dogs please email or phone. If you wish to adopt we will do a property inspection and then the dog will have a week's trial at your place. PLEASE NOTE: You need a fully fenced section to adopt a dog from us.

Each dog for adoption has been registered, microchipped and vaccinated and desexed (or will be desexed as soon as possible). We ask adoptive owners for a donation of $230 towards these costs.

Adoption dogs are supplied with a pack of goodies from Mighty Mix.

If you are after a particular type of dog please let us know and we can help to keep an eye out for something suitable. Purebred dogs are not common in the pound however.


Terrific Toby

Toby is possibly a Heeler/Collie x around 5 months old. We originally called him Arthur but he wasn’t responding to that and Toby seems to suit him better! Toby is a good-natured wee fellow who is great with kids and loves having other dogs around to play with. He travels well and seems to be toilet-trained. Originally inquisitive about cats, he has quickly learned his place and knows to give them their space. Toby is wary of horses, respectful of sheep and has settled in well with chickens and ducks. He has excellent recall and walks well on lead, if he does pull he is still easy to control.  When off-lead he regularly checks in.

Toby is still a puppy and will need ongoing training, however he is a good listener and a fast learner so this should be an easy process. Toby is learning not to jump up. He is very active when outside and likes to run and play but is quiet (for a puppy ) in the house.


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Lucky Lexi

Hi my name is Lexi and I am a wonderful 2 year old, Staffy X. I am just a small girl standing at only 40cm. I was absolutely ecstatic to get out of the pound, thanks to DRD. I am a people pleaser and already know sit, stay, wait and come. I love to go for runs and will happily leap into the car, where I travel nicely until we arrive at the destination. I need to work on my leash etiquette at the beginning of walks, its just so exciting! I am much better on the way home. Alternatively I have fantastic recall off lead and will check back in with you regularly without being asked. I am very affectionate and love being patted but I'm not needy and will settle nicely and remain quiet when left alone. I am also house trained and stay on my bed at night, without making a fuss.

I like meeting other dogs and playing with them, large and small, boys and girls. People are great too, I am learning not to jump up on them as this is not the correct way to show enthusiasm for making friends. Although I like to play, I am respectful and leave dogs who are sleeping or not in the mood. Upon arriving I gave the cat a good sniff, wagged my tail and wandered off. Speaking of my tail it wags all the time, I know I will find a forever home, is it yours?


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Gorgeous Gus

Gus is a sweet huntaway/collie cross around 10 months old. He is working on his house training and improving well. He is a little underweight and is enjoying being well fed. Gus is very friendly and is good with other dogs. He can sit and is learning to stay and wait. Gus travels well in the car. He has quickly learned his new name and has very good recall, staying with you when off lead. Gus behaves well with cats and is learning about chickens. He is a handsome fellow with the delightful/comical look of one ear up and one down. Gus would make an excellent agility dog. 

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Radiant Roxy

Roxy is a 7 year old lab x. She is very cute, active and puppy-ish for her age (but her current energy may be an effect of having been cooped up in the pound). Roxy loves cuddles and bonds rapidly to new people. She is a fantastic girl who will make a great pet. She is quite talkative when she wants something and is great at communicating with people.Roxy gets on fine with her temporary foster male dog brothers. She does pop across fences when she feels like it but shows no inclination to run away. Roxy likes to be involved and “help” with things that are going on.

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Two Cuties

Jack and Jill (both staffy x around 4 months) had a very sad start to life and they both came to us with a very heavy worm burden. Thanks to the great care received by Humanimals and DCC they are a lot healthier and looking forward to a very healthy life now after a very rough start.

Jack is a bouncy wee boy who deserves a forever home that will give him the best of care. He is an active boy, still young enough to benefit greatly with training and obedience.
Jack will sit and wait for his food. He sleeps through the night and is getting the hang of toilet training. He is eager to please and you will have his full undivided attention if you offer him food. His strong food-focus will make him easy to train.

Jack is learning about walking on the lead. Off lead he will stay close, venturing off smelling all those smells but always coming back when called. Jack will sit when asked and comes when called. He is currently in foster care with two adult dogs and loves rough play with his older foster brother. He tends to shy away when his older foster sister tells him off.

Although Jack is an active young boy, he is more than happy to curl up on his bed or curl up beside you for cuddles and affection. Come and meet this wee guy. Let him work his charm on you.

Jill is a very sweet, loving young girl who will also benefit with training at this young age. She is still learning to sit and wait for her food. She is very hungry and trying to make up for lost time with very little food. She gets excited at meal times but is learning to listen to the command 'Wait’ then 'Ok' to eat her food. She will be very easy to train, as she is very food-driven.

Jill still needs to learn to walk on a lead nicely. However, off lead she will venture off but will always come back when she is called. She is toilet trained and will hold over night.
Jill has improved with her 'focus'. She will now always come when called. She has a very sweet personality and loves cuddles and human affection.

Jill is enjoying her foster brother. She loves running around playing with him. If her older foster sister tells her to 'go away' she does as she is told to avoid any confrontation.
Jill needs a forever home that will include her in the family and is prepared to put the effort in to training her. Spending time on training any dog will benefit them and you greatly. You may think it is a lot of work, and sometimes it is, but it will pay off for the rest of their lives and yours.

Jack and Jill are both ok around cats when out socialising but may bark at cats when contained. This will require some more socialising in their forever home or a home with no cats. These two puppies are young enough to learn that it is ok to live with cats and other small animals given some time.

They will both make great family pets with older dog savvy children. In their current foster home they will have some socialisation with children.

If you think you can give Jack or Jill their forever home please get in touch with DRD to express your interest. Jill and Jack are currently fostered together and both pups are crated at night time but can be separated for adoption.

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Meet Koup

You may remember Koup who was in the DCC Pound recently and adopted by a member of the public. Unfortunately, they are no longer able to keep Koup so we are assisting with rehoming him.

Koup is a Huntaway X around 6 months old.  Here is a what his owners have to say about him:

'My partner and I adopted Koup from the pound on what was meant to be his last day, we couldn't stand to see such a beautiful boy lose his life. We were so excited to have him as part of our family but due to restrictions on the age of a pet dog in our rental agreement we were told we could not keep him. We are now searching for a forever home for this awesome wee guy. He is a cuddly, loving dog who will make an amazing family pet. He rarely barks, tells you when he needs to go outside to the toilet and loves to go for a walk or run. He quickly learns new things, in the time we had him he has learnt to sit and shake hands. He also has the most adorable "kick start" when you scratch under his chin or round his neck. We went on some car trips together and he travels better than any dog I have ever met, falling asleep along the way and not making a peep. Other animals are no problem for Koup, he is simply curious and will try to make friends with them, even cats!

We will be sad to say goodbye to this amazing wee man but know whoever adopts him will love him as much as we do'.

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Joyous Jazzy

Time to meet Joyous Jazzy!  

Jazzy is looking for her forever home, but it must be an experienced home, who has had Pitbulls or Pitbull X's before.  References and Vet history will be required.  DRD only want the very best for Jazzy.  We are sure you understand.

Luckily for me I was reclassified as a Lab x.  

I am a young Lab/Pitbull x (6 months old) with a stunning personality to match my cuteness.  I've been well socialised with cats and other dogs both large and small.  I love curling up in front of the fire with the other dogs and the cats.  Currently, I am fostered with a large male dog, a cat and a 5 year old child.  I am very well behaved around children.

I am learning that jumping up gets no attention at all.  So no matter how excited I get it is a no no.  I sit when asked and come when called.  I happily curl up on my bed when I am tired or when I am told to.  I love running around at the dog park.  I met 3 pointers there and they ran me ragged.  I was absolutely exhausted after playing with them.

Although I have no aggression tendencies, I will need a firm leader to stay on track and remain so well behaved,  I do enjoy some rough play.  If I start to get to excited, I just need to be told and I calm down.  I'm great on the lead now, I just needed someone patient enough to show me how I am meant to walk on lead.  Off lead I stay close.  I may wander off and discover some new smells but I am always looking to make sure I can see you.  I travel well.  I am toilet trained and will hold all night.

I am looking for an active experienced doggy family.  I would love the company of another dog but it's not essential.

I will be visiting Glenfalloch Gardens this weekend so come along and meet me there!

See you soon.

Love Jazzy.

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Handsome Jake!

Hey there, my name is Jake and I'm a Lab x around 4 years old. I am a good boy, really friendly and obedient (but need to check often that my foster mum is not to far away).  Even though I can leap over most things I prefer to stay in the yard with my foster buddy and can be trusted. I am very happy with my foster family but I know I can't live here forever.  I am very good with the basic commands and always come when I'm called. Playing with other dogs at the dog park is fun (I'm friendly with all sizes) and I love walks.  After spending a lot of my life in a kennel I have proved that I'm not destructive inside and my favourite place is my bed.  I don't mind sharing pats and cuddles with my buddy but sometimes am a bit pushy with that but I think that's because I'm strong.  Dog Rescue Dunedin have made sure I've had top vet care and I am now micro-chipped, desexed and all ready for my forever home!  I am very loyal, rarely bark and I just know when you meet me you will instantly want to take me home!  I await that day with eagerness!  
Love Jake xx

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Meet Marley!

Some of you may remember this wee girl as Scooby. She was rescued by DRD and adopted last year. Her name is now Marley and she is available for adoption following a change in her family's circumstances.

Marley is a staffy/huntaway x about a year old, She is roughly 60 cm tall and weighs about 30 kg.

Due to no fault of her own, Marley is requiring a new forever home where she will be trained and allowed to be an inside dog who is also part of the family. Marley will need some training and she will receive this back in our care with a foster family. We know she will learn to walk nicely on the lead and NOT jump up.

Marley has a lovely character and just wants company. She is brimming with energy and love and needs long walks to help her burn off some energy. She is happy to meet people, children and other dogs but can be a bit boisterous and tends to jump up when excited.

Marley loves walks on the beach and her recall is good unless she's found a new friend to play with. She is not a fussy eater and loves bones. She still nibbles the odd thing if left alone in the house.

Marley needs to be taught to walk on the lead, not to jump up and to not bark when left alone. She needs a home where she is not left alone all day and also has good fencing as she is very athletic and can jump well.

Marley is very bright and keen to please so training should be fairly straightforward if it is consistent. She would love obedience or agility training as she loves attention and pleasing people.

Marley is house trained and full of love and energy and has a beautiful nature.

We will update Marley's profile in a few weeks to let you know how she is progressing.

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Meet Astra!

Astra is a staffy x girl approx 2 years old. She loves everybody and enjoys the company of other animals including horses, cats and kittens, cows, sheep and makes friends with every other dog she meets. She loves walking and trips to her favourite place, the dog park. She sits when asked (well when not too excited), and loves playing, tug of war is her favourite, balls don't stand a chance for long. She is a very good girl and loves to please.

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Fun-loving Freddie!


Since Freddie's sister is on trial in a new home, we thought Freddie deserved his own profile! Freddie is a staffy x now around 8 months old (see below). He's recently moved into a new foster home and this is what they have to say about him:

'Freddie has taken to the ‘farm life’ extremely well. Even though the week has been pretty horrible weather-wise Freddie has been busy helping me with feeding the animals and on the rainy days he keeps himself busy playing with his toys and getting as many cuddles off us as he can.

He is the most awesome wee dog. He comes when called, will wait for his food and is good at going to sit in his bed while we are eating dinner.

He can also sit and lie down on command and is learning to roll over. Freddie is a very intelligent dog and it does not take long for him to learn and you can tell he really loves to please. We have to remind ourselves that he is still a puppy he is such a chilled out wee dude!

Freddie is very inquisitive and finds the horse and sheep very interesting. I caught the horse and him sniffing noses the other day!

Freddie is very good with other dogs and everyone he’s met have had so many positive things to say about him. I hope he finds his forever home soon as he certainly deserves it .'

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I'm Jasper!


'Hi! I'm Jasper! I was lucky to be rescued by DRD and am very pleased to meet you! I am thought to be a mastiff/lab around 18 months old. I stand proud at about 50 cm and currently weigh 28 kg. I am told I have super-soft fur, almost like a cat - yikes! I am also told I am very good-looking, but I don;t like to say so myself! 

I love other dogs, both large and small. Cats seem to be tolerable so far with a swipe from the Mr Matriarch of this pack I have joined. (I know to stay out of their way now). Dog parks are great fun when you slide in the mud puddles. I am learning to sit and wait for dinner and I am rather good at it already.

Someone used to look after me. Not quite sure what happened to that pack? I am a big softy and my favourite thing is getting belly rubs. Oh, and giving kisses!' 

From his foster family: 

'Jasper loves belly rubs and lying in the sun. He adores getting lots of pats and attention, and loves being around people and having company all day. He can spend time by himself, but that's when he can get into mischief if he doesn't have enough interesting toys around.

Jasper is a real softie; he loves kids, and tolerates our 5 year old nicely (she thinks she's the boss). He is learning commands very well and can sit, lie down, wait, stay, come and heel. He is walking very nicely on the leash now.

Jasper is very food motivated, and we have found it easy to train him using treats. He shows no food aggression, is trustworthy playing with other dogs, and tends to leave cats alone. We have learnt he is not trustworthy around poultry.

Jasper rarely barks, the only instance is when he is playing or wants to play with other dogs. He is uninterested in what goes on outside our fenced property. He loves going for walks, however, and sits as soon as he hears the leash being brought out. He is a super snuggly dog, and would very much suit being homed with a family.'


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Miss Misty

Hi, I'm Misty! I'm an almost 3.5 year-old female mastiff cross weighing in at 42 kg.  I had a bit of a rough start to life and was hungry a lot. I still remember this, but now I can sit down and wait for my turn to be fed, and only start eating when I hear the command. I even leave some food in my bowl!

I have matured a lot and outgrown all foolish behaviour associated with puppies and young dogs. I am ready to fit into my forever home's family life.

I know all the commands a dog should know such as 'come back', 'sit' and 'heel'. I'm very clever and I have learned lot of routines, like as my humans are cooking we have to wait at the kitchen door.  And never enter the kids' bedroom and playroom, even if the door is open.

In the morning I know where to wait for breakfast, and I can go to my bed on command. I love travelling in the car and am still working on my car entry etiquette. I have it perfected after the walk but beforehand I am a bit too excited and I jump in the car before my the “boss” say so.

When my foster humans bought a puppy home for their son I immediately adopted him as my own. I love teaching him the ropes of life. He and my foster brother often call me into a wrestling match, which I love! I am a true “queen” of my castle.  I am happy to stay outside in our kennel area during the daytime with my foster dog 'brother' and 'son'. 

I love playing with my foster human’s son (who is 5 year old) and all the neighbourhood kids whom are often come over for a visit.

 When my humans come home I like to curl up in front of the fire and spend the night in their company. I am very affectionate and need my human’s attention. 

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Magical Myth!

Hi! I'm the magical 'Myth'

I am thought to be a staffy/collie/jack russell x around 9 months old. I currently weigh 18.4 kg and stand at 35 cm at the shoulder. I am a sweet wee girl who adores the love and attention given by some humans. I can be a little afraid to come to you if I don't know you well, but within a few minutes of meeting you, I will be your best friend.

I love playing with other dogs both large and small. When I am told off by the older dogs, I shy away, knowing I have been told to behave myself and stay out of their way.

Cats are new to me and I am learning to respect their space, even if they are lying in front of the fire beside me.

I am not an overly energetic dog, though I do enjoy my daily exercise. When it's time to rest I happily do so by curling up on my bed. I sleep through the night and I am toilet trained.

I would enjoy the company of another canine companion but it's not essential. I will need some training and I am keen to learn new things. I will come when called if you pat your knees and will sit with some encouragement. I know my Forever home is just around the corner!

I look forward to meeting you!
Love Myth

From her fosterer:
'Myth has been with us for over a week now and she is doing great! She has an awesome, fun loving personality and enjoys being the centre of attention. Myth is very cuddly and would do anything to sit on your knee for cuddles. She will happily give you a hug when you are feeling down, and she smiles! Myth is a very well behaved young girl; she responded to her new name straight away and she comes as soon as we call her.

Myth loves the company of our smaller dog Arlo and is learning too understand that Arlo needs our attention too. She loves our cat and they will happily play together, but if the cat runs away she will chase. She’s great with big and small dogs and all strangers are her new best friend.

Myth is toilet trained and she knows the command ‘toilet’. She sits on command and is also learning to ‘lie down’ and ‘stay’. She is learning basic ‘table manner’s and will sit and wait for her food. When she is left at home alone she gets bored and chews so we have to put her in her crate during the day while we are out. She improves more and more each night at walking on her lead and only pulls sometimes. She sleeps throughout the night in her crate in our room and will only cry if she needs to go out to the toilet but we usually won’t hear a peep until the morning.

We love having Myth with us as she is great company and she is a real character. Myth can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your family!'

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Introducing Mac (aka Milo)!


Hi!  My registered name is Milo bit I like Mac better. I am a staffy x about 9 months old and I love the fact that DRD rescued me!! I wasn't to sure why I ended up in the pound, I guess my curiosity got the better of me.

I am a fun-loving, energetic young dog who loves socialising with other dogs both large and small, young or old. I already know sit and come but of course I will benefit greatly with a little more training as I am very eager to please and learn new things.

I am currently in foster care with three other dogs and I will be socialised with stock and horses.  Cats are OK too, I just stay out of their way. I am also good around children and enjoy their company. I love chilling out on my bed!

I am currently 16 kg and stand at about 40 cm at the shoulder.

I was very good for the vets and loved the treats I was given when I did what I was asked to do. I take treats gently too.

I don't mind relaxing during the day as long as I get my daily exercise and learn your routine.  I might like a dog pal to keep me company throughout the day.  I travel well and love attention and lap up all the cuddles I can get.

I am looking for my forever home, one that has time for me and is prepared to spend a little time training me.

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Mac aka Milo

From his fosterer:

‘Mac is a sweet-tempered chap whose dream home would involve: someone to adore; a couch to snuggle up with adored person; a small walk once or twice a day.

We have three other dogs and he gets on with them all. He’s fine around horses, and around my sheep. He’s also no problem around the cats.

Mac is now off-lead around the hens; the times I have forgotten about him he’s been eating the chicken food, not the chickens. He’s nervous of cows and keeps his distance.

There are lots of kids and their friends going through the household and Mac’s great with them. In the car he hops in the crate, lies down and is peaceful throughout the trip. He’s also happy sleeping in a crate inside overnight. Fully house-trained.

Mac does not like being left alone – he’s not suitable for a household where everyone works all day. He is a low to medium energy dog. He would fit in with a family with a stay-at-home parent, or would work with retired people, as he’d be happy pottering around the house or garden, with a small walk every day. It would also work with a tradesperson who wanted a no-drama dog they could take to work.

Mac is incredibly affectionate and would be in dog heaven with his own person to snuggle up with.’

See a video of Mac by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

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Miss Mocha!


Hello there! Mocha is my name and fun is my game! I am a stunning tri-coloured collie x around 15-18 months old.

I am currently in foster care with two other dogs and loving it. My foster Mum is training me well and I really enjoy hanging out with her and the other dogs. I am learning about cats, as I am unsure exactly what they are.

I love my walks and will run and run, but I always come back when called. I am learning that it is good to come back as I sometimes get a sneaky treat from my human.

I have already mastered ‘sit’ with ease and am now learning other basic commands. I love my crate to sleep in, it helps me avoid the little accidents, they were a wee bit embarrassing for me.

I walk well on lead now, come when called, sit when asked and I will be a very loyal companion. I love cuddles and enjoy the pats and attention. I would enjoy the company of another dog but this is not essential.

Please give me the forever home I deserve. My past life is well behind me know and I know I deserve a loving home, one that won't keep me locked in a kennel and run all day!

Come and meet me! But be warned, you will fall in love!
See you soon

An update from her fosterer after her first week:

'Mocha has been for 2 off the lead walks with us and did really, really well. She comes back when called and is responding to her name. She has been perfectly mannered with all dogs and people she has encountered out walking so far. 

We have seen no aggression in Mocha at all. Our dogs have both growled at her (just once each) and she has backed off each time. She is very respectful of Kelbie, but tries it on with Bug by standing on him at every opportunity.

Mocha is a quick learner. She has 'sit' sorted and has settled a lot with her jumping. She does try to get things from the bench when we are not looking though! 

Mocha is NOT good with cats. She chases ours. We are able to keep them apart, but in terms of a forever home, cat free may be a good idea. Our cat is not really tough enough to sort her out. We are squirting her if she sees the cat (through the window) and responds. 

Mocha is full of play, which is adorable to watch. She is very, very sweet, super charming and as cuddly as a dog can get. Tim even announced that if we were after another dog (which we are not) that he'd quite like her (but 2 is enough!). She will be an awesome pet for someone.'

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Jolly Jacey


Meet Jolly Jacey!

Jacey is a puppy (lab/staffy x, 4.5 months) who requires some training at her young age.
Jacey says:

‘Thank you DRD for saving my life when my previous people left me somewhere I never knew. I am learning to sit and wait, but I will always come when called or whistled.
Currently I am in foster care with an older dog, who I don't bother, three cats and a rabbit. I have shown great socialisation around the rabbit and I'm great with cats, perhaps a bit scared, so I stay out of their way.
Children are interesting. I think I would most likely be suited to a family with dog savvy children.
I am still a puppy and I am as eager to learn new thing as you are to teach me. I'm only a little girl with a great personality. I love cuddles and human affection. Something I missed when I was little.

If you think you have the time and patience to train me then please get in touch with Dog Rescue Dunedin if you can offer me my forever home.’

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Modest Mace


Mace, a 4 year old mastiff x, is really incredible. We can't fault him at all, he is one of the most well-balanced dogs we have ever met. His previous owner certainly spent time training and socialising him throughout his life. Thank you.

Mace gets on very well with other dogs both large and small, entire or castrated. Mace was already castrated when we rescued him.

Mace will sit and down when asked. He will also curl up on his bed in front of the fire, happily consuming the warmth. He also high fives! Mace has been socialised with cats and may have lived with them prior to rescue. He is incredibly well behaved with cats.

Mace is toilet trained and walks well on lead. He loves being off-lead and will stick around. He will walk off lead to the truck then sit and wait until given the command to get in the truck.

Mace would be best suited to a dog savvy family with older children. He would also love the company of another canine pal. Mace will need good fencing and regular exercise.
Mace is currently underweight and will require regular feeding to increase his weight. Which will be provided for him while in foster care. He currently stands at 40 cm at the shoulder and weighs 23.9 kg. He will be looking fantastic at 28 kg.

This handsome boy will be snapped up very quickly. So register your interest soon to avoid the disappointment. We will be seeking the best home for Mace. He deserves his true forever home. One that will include him in the family and feed and exercise him regularly.

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Tremendous Tank


I am truly thankful to DRD for rescuing me!

I am a Staffy x boy who has a very gentle, calm nature (although I am still a young dog - 1 years old).

I love the company of other dogs both large and small.  If I get told off by another dog, I back off immediately.  At first I thought cats were rather interesting however, my curiosity has calmed and now I am reasonably well behaved and friendly around cats. But if they run, I do like to play chase.  I will need some more socialising with small animals like chickens and once given some socialisation I should be ok with them.

I know what bed or on your mat means and I will happily take myself to my bed without any trouble. I sit and stay and I am learning to wait for my food.  I am receiving some training on lead ettiquite and I know that with a little time I will walk nicely on lead.  My recall needs a little work, being young and entire at this stage requires me to sniff all the smells that are out there and I can lose track because the smells are just so good!!

I travel well but I still need to learn some manners when exiting the vehicle.  This will come with time in foster care.  I really enjoy laxing out in front of the fire with the other dogs and cats I am currently being assessed with.  I love my food so I will be easy to train.  I am toilet trained and sleep right through the night without any fuss.  I'm also loving the cuddles and pats I am lucky enough to get.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Love Tank.

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'Lil Miss Jelly (Jelly Belly)


We welcome Jelly into the DRD canine family!

PLEASE NOTE: Jelly will be looking for her forever family in a few weeks.  As you know she was very underweight when DRD rescued her and we want to know that she is in excellent health when adopted.  She is gaining weight every day. 

I am a Lab/Ridgeback x approximately 4 1/2 months old and I was a shy and timid wee girl who was extremely underweight when rescued. I could be related to Maliah (DRD Rescue) and the dog currently in kennel 6.  However, I am now a wee bundle of joy who is enjoying her rescued life and is looking and feeling better every day.  I'm showing a lot more confidence and learning new things everyday.  I am currently in foster care with two other dogs.  I really enjoy the company of other dogs and love to play, chase and run.  I will also happily curl up on your lap, and give you the most rewarding hugs and I love my bed (but will happily keep you warm at night time too).  Cats are great, I am very gentle with them and I'm currently fostered with a very talkative parrot.  Although very inquisitive about the noise, I stay back and just look.  I am good at being left for a few hours.  But of course would rather be with you.  Manners on lead are excellent and off lead I will stay close.  I happily sit and stay and come when called.  I can sit and wait for my food - although I find it one of the most exciting times (3 times a day) and will skip, twist and turn with a smile on my face when I know it's meal time. 

Jelly is ever so grateful for being rescued and in the loving care of her fosterer and canine brother and sister.  Jelly really is an awesome wee dog with loads of character and potential.  She will only be available to a loving family who will keep her forever and consider her part of the family.  Although she is a little weary of children, she will learn to trust them again.  She deserves only the very best life can offer her now.

Jelly will look forward to meeting you and she will choose her forever family, she is that clever.

See you soon

Love Jelly

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Meet Jerry!


Hi, I'm Jerry! I’m a 9-month-old Huntaway with a very sweet and loveable nature. I can take a few minutes to warm up to you when I first meet you but then I am your best friend.

I love my food! I’ll wait for it, but you have to be firm with me with the 'wait' command as I get excited at meal times. I am, however, getting much better at waiting to be told to eat. With such an interest in food I will be very easy to train. I do need a bit more work on the lead, down and sit. I will sit with encouragement and I am told, I am improving everyday.

I love other dogs and get on really well with any dog that is friendly, including other male entire dogs.
JB and I played together at the dog park and had loads of fun without any aggression towards each other.

I like cats and I am well behaved around them. I can't believe that not all cats will take a swipe at me. I'm Ok with chickens if they walk past but will give chase if they run.

I love playing with soft toys and I'm pleased as punch when I get a new one to play with.

I currently weigh 21.6 kg and stand at 50 cm from the shoulder.
My playful nature could be why I am on trial already!

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Darling Duke!


Duke is a beautiful boy with a big heart! He is a lab/collie x, who loves company, walks and runs. Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, things aren’t working out for Duke with his adopted family and he needs a new home, preferably somewhere where he can get the attention and stimulation he needs.

From Duke’s ‘Dog Buddy’:

‘I’ve been walking Duke twice a week since February 2013, when he was adopted by his current owner. He’s an inside dog, (has not been kennelled) and will bark to let his owner know when he needs to go outside to the toilet. Duke can be a bit excitable when there are visitors, so some training is required there, however, he has good recall and always returns to me if I’ve let him off his leash. Duke will check in with me if he runs too far ahead and knows, “good boy, slowly, wait/stop, sit” and how to shake hands.

He’s interested in cats but only if they’re running from him - he thinks it’s a game and wants to chase them, otherwise he ignores them.

Duke loves, pats, and cuddles and is very loyal. His current owner loves him dearly, but family circumstances means she is unable to keep him.’

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Mighty Max!


Hi, I’m Max (previously known as Jack)!

I am an active Lax x around 9 months old who is fitting into family life with ease. I love other dogs both large and small. Cats are ok, I just tend to stay out of their way.

Currently I am in foster care with another dog, a cat and a pet rabbit. I am not interested in the rabbit either.
There are children in my foster family and I know they are the boss of me. I will sit when they ask me to before being fed by the oldest small person in this household.

I am young enough to benefit greatly with a little training and my foster family are helping me to learn new things. I would be best suited to an active family who has the time to continue with my training. I am learning to walk nicely on lead.

I currently weigh 22.8 kg and stand at 45 cm at the shoulder and in really good condition.

Looking forward to meeting you!
Max (Jack)

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Meet Meadow!


Hey there, I'm Meadow! I’m a lab/staffy around 5 months old.

I'm really enjoying my new life now. I’m not scared at all and am a very confident wee pup.
I'm a bit older than originally thought. I have lost all my sharp puppy teeth but I do of course still love to chew on doggy toys and rawhide.

Currently I'm enjoying the company of a large castrated male dog and a young boy. They are both enjoying showing me the fun things in a dog’s life.

I love playing with other dogs, especially the big ones. I love to run and chase them and we play rolly pollys. It's loads of fun, especially playing in puddles and getting all wet and muddy!! I will learn that although it is a load of fun, I end up smelly and wet!! I love cuddles and I am good with cats, having just met them.

I currently weigh 16 kg and stand at 40 cm at the shoulder so I’ll only be a medium sized dog. I was very well behaved for the vet who had no problem giving me the full check over.

I come when called and sit when asked. I curl up into my bed when I am tired and sleep right through the night without any toileting inside. I am a good girl and I learn very quickly. I travel well and I am good with children.

I will need an active family who are willing and have the time to spend training me at this age so I can continue to be a very good girl for the rest of my life. This will make our relationship a very strong one. If you are able to give me a forever home please get in touch. I deserve it and look forward to meeting you!


From her fosterer:

‘Meadow has been with us for about three weeks now and is such a cruisy pup, she is very confident around people and other animals. She loves to play fetch with my son and is also getting good at bringing me the newspaper. Rough and tumble with my big dog is her favourite especially on the beach. Meadow is pretty good with the cat but will chase if the cat runs away. We have been working on training and Meadow is very quick to learn; she knows to toilet outside and we haven't had any accidents since her first couple of days. She can sit, lie down, and go to bed when asked, she comes when called and responds well to a whistle. Meadow doesn't whine when she is in the run (she does have my dog in there with her) and sleeps all night in her crate. Meadow is a very affectionate wee girl with a bright personality, and with a bit more training will be an excellent family dog.’


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Meet Maliah!


Hi my name is Maliah (pronounced Ma lee ah) and I am loving life since I was rescued by DRD. I am most likely a Ridgeback X, maybe with Retriever or Labrador. I am about 5 months old and stand around 40cm at the shoulder.

I settled into the routine of my foster home quickly, as I am such a good girl for my age. I already know sit, wait, come and go to my bed when asked. I don't chew anything that is not mine and will let you know if I need to go outside. I am eager to learn more things, as I hate being in trouble with the "boss".

I am an active puppy, so of course life is all fun and games to me. My foster brother, sister and I are taken for long runs everyday to the dog park, up bush tracks and the beach, where I like to splash around in the water. I never wander off on my own and am always the first dog back when called. I am learning with my fosterer about walking nicely on the lead. I am always very friendly and confident when I meet new people and will convince dogs of all sizes to play with me. My foster brother and sister play with me all day and have taught me some doggie play manners. We all cuddle up together in front of the fire in the evening, it’s very cozy. There is also a cat and parrot here; I know they will not play with me (grumps), so I leave them be.

I'm very pretty don't you think? I have a beautiful red tinge to my fur, which is lovely and soft and I will be a very pretty lady when I am all grown up. Tummy rubs are my favourite thing, cuddles are great too. I like to remind my fosterer that I love her by being very affectionate and sweet, I'm quite a heart breaker to be honest. I would stay here forever if it were possible, however I will need a family of my own (one who will continue with my training as I am just a baby) that has a fully fenced section to keep me safe.

I am looking for a forever home as wonderful as I am.

Ready when you are!


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