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Dogs for adoption

If you would like to meet any of our dogs please email or phone. If you wish to adopt we will do a property inspection and then the dog will have a week's trial at your place. PLEASE NOTE: You need a fully fenced section to adopt a dog from us.

Each dog for adoption has been registered, microchipped and vaccinated and desexed (or will be desexed as soon as possible). We ask adoptive owners for a donation of $230 towards these costs.

Adoption dogs are supplied with a pack of goodies from Mighty Mix.

If you are after a particular type of dog please let us know and we can help to keep an eye out for something suitable. Purebred dogs are not common in the pound however.




Joyous Jazzy

Jazzy is a Lab X 1 years old, she is a medium sized desexed female.

♥  Lives with kids and cats
♥  Knows the following commands: sit, lie down, bed, good on recall, wait, will  
    need some more lead training
♥  Loves the beach and the dog park
♥  Good dogs large and small
♥  Toilet trained
♥  Loves to play

Jazzy would benefit from further training and a firm leader.  She is a sweet wee girl who would make a good addition to a family ideally with other dogs.

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Lucky Lexi

 Lexi is a 2 year old, Staffy X.  She is a small-medium sized desexed female. 

      ♥  Knows sit, wait and stay
      ♥  Waits for her food
      ♥  Fantastic on her recall off lead
      ♥  Loves running around the beach
      ♥  Is toilet trained
      ♥  Travels well and loves the car
      ♥  Is currently attending training classes

Lexi is a very energetic girl and would suit a family with an active lifestyle.

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Charming Chopper


 Chopper is a 9 year-old desexed male Boxer/Lab x.

      ♥  Gentle nature
      ♥  Toilet trained
      ♥  Knows basic commands - sit, stay
      ♥  Loves pats and cuddles
      ♥  Loves to sleep at your feet while you're watching tv
      ♥  Not good with cats or chickens
      ♥  Great with other dogs
      ♥  Very good with considerate kids

Chopper came to us in very bad physical shape and seems to have had a very hard life. His teeth are extremely very worn down (possibly from chewing out of boredom), he has large calluses that are most likely from kennel sores, and he is absolutely desperate for pats and cuddles. After many tests it seems that among his problems he has Cushing’s disease. His mobility is only reasonable, and he is having trouble with the end of his tail not healing, but otherwise his health has improved markedly since we got him thanks to lots of work from his fosterers and vets. We have had four of his teeth removed recently due to fractures and peridontal disease but the rest seem ok. We are addressing his tail problem - he has to wear a bandage on it for the next 3-4 months!  So far he has cost a fortune in vet bills. We may have to begin treatment for Cushings if his health deteriorates (hopefully it won’t) and that will cost $200-$300 per month. So we are seeking support of any kind and long-term sponsors for Chopper, and a nice permanent home where he will have lots of attention. Meanwhile his fosterers are having to make up for a lifetime of his missing out on pats!

Sweet Skip!


Skip is a Foxy/Kelpie X, around 5 years old.  She a small-medium sized dog and is desexed.

       ♥  Very energetic, needs plenty of off-lead exercise (loves to chase seagulls)
       ♥  Needs a home with 6' solid fencing and company or something to do all day
       ♥  Loves to hunt for cats, but can tolerate dog-savvy household ones
       ♥  Is very accepting of everyone and everything, loves people, not barky
Skip is currently in foster care with an elderly couple who love her very much (and vice versa) but the time is coming to find her a permanent home.  We are also looking for a new foster home for skip, preferably by the beach so she can burn off all her energy.

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Meet Evie!

Evie is a Staffy x around 8 months old.  She will be a medium-sized dog and will be desexed soon.
     Knows basic commands - sit, out, drop, shake hands and comes when called
      Loves the water
     Good with other dogs
        Good with kids

Evie is a very energetic, happy, playful wee pup.  She is good with young children and is very gentle when taking a treat from you.  Evie loves her fosterer's pond and is in there most of the day.  Evie sits and waits nicely for her turn for dinner.   We are confident Evie will make a great family pet!


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Beautiful Bolt!


Bolt is a Staffy x 10 month old desexed female.  She will be a medium-sized dog.
♥  Learning to walk on the lead nicely
♥  Great with other dogs
♥  Travels well in the car
    Loves meeting new people and children

Bolt is a calm, gentle loving dog who will make an excellent family pet.  We will add more information once we get to know her better.


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Meet Jester (Jasper)!


Jester (Jasper) is a Mastiff/Lab Retriever X and is approximately 3 years old and has been neutered.  He is a large sized dog.

♥  Great with kids
♥  Great with other dogs including small dogs
♥  Lovely natured boy

Jester is available for adoption again through no fault of his own, a change of circumstances mean his owner can no longer keep him.   He is a lovely natured boy who will need a home with good fencing.


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Meet Big Mack!

We have received alot of interest in Mack and he is likely to go on trial very soon.  We will not be taking any more enquiries for him at this stage.

Mack (AKA Big Mack) is a 7 year-old male Boxer, he will be desexed soon and is a large dog.

     Knows basic commands and shakes hands
      Loves going in the car
     Great with other dogs
        Fantastic with kids (from babies to older kids)
      Walks nicely on the lead

Big Mack is a gentle giant, he is very cruisy and loves cuddles.  He is very talkative and tells you when it's time to get out of bed, when it's time for tea and loves to help wake my kids up in the morning with a lick and a grunt.  He will be a great best friend for someone and he will provide lots of entertainment with the quirky noises he makes.


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Sweet Snooky!


Snooky is a Staffy x around 2 years old.  She will be desexed soon.
     Knows basic commands
      Good off lead
     Travels well in the car
        Good with kids

Snooky has just come out of the pound and is still undergoing assessment.  So far we know she has been abused in the past and is very wary of men with some tlc and a kind patient person we are sure she'll flourish.


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Wee Billy Boy!

Billy is likely a greyhound x collie, around 3 months old. Billy is very cuddly, loyal, and still very much a puppy.

♥  Nearly housetrained
♥  Great on the lead
♥  A fast learner
♥  Good with other dogs, cats, horses, sheep, chickens, and dog-savy kids.
♥  Travels well in the car
♥  Very gentle with taking food.
♥  Probably going to be at least medium-large.

From his fosterer:

‘Billy’s a lovely wee guy, loves other dogs and respects cats and livestock. Walks well on leash (for a puppy) and is super off-leash as he tends to heel naturally and, if he ever does happen to get left behind, comes immediately he notices or he's called. He travels well in the car and really enjoys being a part of everything, so would make a great companion or family pet with someone who is home during the day or has another dog for company. He does have slight separation anxiety, but we are working on this and he is already improving. All in all, a lovely little placid pup and very snuggly.’

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Meet Mistique (aka Missy)!


Mistique (aka Missy) is a 3 year old Newfoundland/Mastiff she is a medium sized dog and will be desexed soon. 

                ♥   Knows sit, down, shake hands.
                ♥   Toliet trained
                ♥   Good with big and small dogs, cats and chickens.
                ♥   Good off lead. 

Mistique came to us in not so good condition and she needs some care and attention to get her happy and healthy.  Mistique is an active dog and would suit an active lifestyle.

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Meet Holli!


Holli is a staffy x around 8 months old. She will grow to be a medium-sized dog.

♥  Knows sit, stay and down
♥  Walks nicely on a lead but gets a little excited around other dogs
♥  Travels well in the car
♥  Waits for her food and is not possessive of any food or toys
♥  Toilet trained
♥  Good with cats and kids
♥  Loves to play with dogs
♥  Very rarely barks

Her foster family are currently working on Holli’s recall and separation distance and time. Holli has a great temperament but still requires some strong direction for her training. She would be great for a family with an active lifestyle and ideally another dog for company.

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Meet Tui!


Tui is a Lab x around 4 months old.  She will be desexed soon.
     Quick Learner
      Sits and waits for her food
     Travels well in the car

Tui is a very nice-natured sociable dog who fits in well with her fosterers dog and is good with their cats.  Everyone who meets her loves her, she even brought in the paper for her fosterer too.... what a clever girl!


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Magical Myth!

Myth is a gorgeous mixed breed speyed female.  Myth is approximately 1 year old and stands at 35 cms at the shoulder (medium height).

      ♥  Very sweet and friendly dog who loves attention
      ♥  Great with dogs (both large and small)
      ♥  Crate trained
      ♥  Loves walks
      ♥  Knows the following commands: sit, lie down and stay
      ♥  Is toilet trained

Myth needs a really caring home with good solid fencing.  Due to no fault of her own, Myth has had a number of temporary carers.  It would be fantastic if we could find her forever home and give her the stability and love she deserves. She relates very well to young children and is a very cuddly girl.

Meet Hazel!


Hazel is a Lab x around 5 months old.  She will be desexed soon.
     Good with cats and chickens
      Learning basic commands
     Good with other dogs

Hazel needs a firm kind family to help her overcome her previous experiences.  She is a loving, devoted and playful girl.  We will add more info once we get to know her better.


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