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Dogs for adoption

If you would like to meet any of our dogs please email or phone. If you wish to adopt we will do a property inspection and then the dog will have a week's trial at your place. PLEASE NOTE: You need a fully fenced section to adopt a dog from us.

Each dog for adoption has been registered, microchipped and vaccinated and desexed (or will be desexed as soon as possible). We ask adoptive owners for a donation of $230 towards these costs.

Adoption dogs are supplied with a pack of goodies from Mighty Mix.

If you are after a particular type of dog please let us know and we can help to keep an eye out for something suitable. Purebred dogs are not common in the pound however.




Fun-loving Freddie!


Freddie is a staffy x neutered male.  Freddie is approximately 1 year old and is of medium size.
     ♥  Extremely friendly
     ♥  Great with other dogs, sheep and horses
     ♥  Excellent recall
     ♥  Sits and waits for his food
     ♥  Loves cuddles!
     ♥  Knows the following commands:  sit, lie down and roll over
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Is crate trained

Freddie is an awesome wee dog who is so inquisitive and intelligent!  Freddie has been with Dog Rescue for over 8 months now and we are really keen to find his forever home...he would be the perfect addition to any family!!


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Magical Myth!

Myth is a gorgeous mixed breed speyed female.  Myth is approximately 1 year old and stands at 35 cms at the shoulder (medium height).

     ♥  Very sweet and friendly dog who loves attention
     ♥  Great with dogs (both large and small)
     ♥  Crate trained
     ♥  Loves walks
     ♥  Knows the following commands: sit, lie down and stay
     ♥  Is toilet trained

Myth needs a really caring home with good solid fencing.  Due to no fault of her own, Myth has had a number of temporary carers.  It would be fantastic if we could find her forever home and give her the stability and love she deserves.

Loyal Jake!

Jake is a lab x neutered male.  He is approximately 4-5 years old and is of med-large size.

♥  Very doting and loyal
♥  Rarely Barks
♥  Good Recall
♥  Knows commands the following commands: sit, stay and wait, is
    learning fetch and lie down

♥  Is great with other dogs and cats
♥  Is toilet Trained
♥  Is learning new tricks!
♥  Loves walks, going to the dog park and running through the forest
    (good for a runner!)

Jake had lived most of his life in a kennel, however, he has adapted amazingly to being an inside dog and would make a great family dog!  .


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Sweet Jilly!

Jilly is a sweet wee 6 month old staffy x, speyed female and is expected to grow to small-med size.

♥  Food orientated so easy to train!
♥  Crated trained
♥  Good on the lead
♥  Toilet trained
♥  Knows the following commands: sit and wait
♥  Good recall
♥  Loves water
♥  Socialised with children
♥  Good with cats and other dogs
Jilly's has been attending puppy classes and is doing very well plus getting lots of socialisation. She would make a lovely family pet.  Good solid fencing is recommended at this stage.

Joyous Jazzy

Jazzy is a Lab X around 8 months old. She is a medium sized desexed female.

♥  Lives with kids and cats
♥  Knows the following commands: sit, lie down, bed, good on recall, wait, will  
     need some more lead training
♥  Loves the beach and the dog park
♥  Good dogs large and small
♥  Toilet trained
♥  Loves to play

Jazzy would benefit from further training and a firm leader.  She is a sweet wee girl who would make a good addition to a family ideally with other dogs.

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Lucky Lexi

 Lexi is a 2 year old, Staffy X.   She is a small-medium sized desexed female. 

     ♥  Knows sit, wait and stay
     ♥  Waits for her food
     ♥  Fantastic on her recall off lead
     ♥  Loves running around the beach
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Travels well and loves the car
     ♥  Is currently attending training classes

Lexi is a very energetic girl and would suit a family with an active lifestyle.

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Adorable Annie!

Annie is a collie x around a year old. She is a medium sized desexed female.

     ♥  Good with cats and other dogs
     ♥  Quiet around the house
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Sleeps well during the night
     ♥  Knows sit and wait for food
     ♥  Travels well in the car
     ♥  Loves toys and balls

Annie would make an excellent buddy for a cyclist or runner.  When she is rehomed with you she will be bringing her favourite soft toy 'fishy' they are the bestest of friends.

Enquire about adoption

Darling Duke!

Duke is a lab/collie x, 4-5 year old neutered male

     ♥  Knows sit, wait and shake hands
     ♥  Is good on and off lead
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Very friendly boy
     ♥  Has very good recall
     ♥  Loves runs and walks
     ♥  Sleeps on the deck during the day
     ♥  Is getting to know the 'big brown dogs' (horses) in the paddock next to him

Duke is a beautiful boy with a big heart who just wants to please you.  We think a home home without children would suit him best at this stage.

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Terrific Toby

Toby is a heeler/collie x approximately a 6 month old neutered male.

     ♥   Has a great gentle nature
     ♥   Is good with kids and other dogs

     ♥   Travels well
     ♥   Is toilet trained
     ♥   Loves playing fetch
     ♥   Is good with horses, sheep, chickens and ducks

     ♥   Is a fast learner

Toby would make a good all-round family pet with his lovely nature.

  Enquire about adoption

Radiant Roxy

Roxy is an 8 year old lab x, desexed female.

     ♥  Loves the beach and walks
     ♥  Knows sit, stay, wait and has good recall
     ♥  Likes cats and other dogs
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Travels well
     ♥  Is very intelligent
     ♥  Loves to fetch the ball and sticks
     ♥  Will need good solid fencing

Please don't be fooled by Roxy's age as she is very quick and intelligent.  She can jump fences but once she is settled in a good caring home she knows to stay.  Roxy is partially paralysed on the left side of her face from what our vet is unsure of but it does not seem to affect her.

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Adorable Alfie!

Alfie is a huntaway x around 6 months old. He is being fostered in Mackenzie Country so it would be good to find him a home locally if possible.

     ♥  Is toilet trained

       Sleeps right through the night.

       He knows how to sit, wait, has good recall

       He walks really well on a lead and has learned heel.

     ♥  Gets on well with other dogs

He is a very quick learner and he will blossom into a wonderful family dog.  He is currently being fostered with two previous DRD dogs that are now adopted.


Honey is a Honey!

Honey is a mixed breed, approximately 1 year old female and is currently in season and will be desexed in 8 weeks time.

     ♥ Good with kids, chooks, and is currently learning about cats

     ♥  Knows sit, stay, wait for food and shake hands
     ♥  Is learning down and inside and outside
     ♥  Is toilet trained (can use a cat flap - dog door to go toilet)
       ♥  Loves playing fetch
     ♥  Has good recall
     ♥  Sleeps well during the night

Honey has a very loving nature and most definitely lives up to her name and would make a lovely family pet.

Wonderful Winnie!

Winnie is a mixed breed 4 1/2 month old female.  She will be desexed at
6 months old.

     ♥  Good with kids, guinea pigs, hens, and just sniffs at the cat
     ♥  Good with other dogs
     ♥  She already knows sit
     ♥  Is currently being toilet trained
     ♥  Walks nicely on the lead
     ♥  Travels well in the car
     ♥  Sleeps through the night

The wee sweetheart loves cuddles and kids would make a lovely puppy for a family.
She feels the cold and her fosterer is knitting her a wee puppy jacket to keep her warm and snug.

Cheeky Charlie!

Charlie is a 9 year old, neutered male golden lab .

     ♥  Good with other dogs
     ♥  Knows how to sit, lie down
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Can open door handles with his paw
     ♥  Travels well in the car
     ♥  Sleeps through the night

Charlie is a very active 'typical lab' who loves his toys.  He's very inquisitive, is obsessed with food as most labs are and plays like he is still a puppy.  He would make a great family pet.

Marvelous Mia!


Mia is an approximately 6 month old female staffy x (small sized).  She will be desexed soon.

     ♥  Good with other dogs
     ♥  Knows how to sit, and wait for food
     ♥  Currently undergoing toilet training
     ♥  Sleeps through the night
     ♥  Good with kids

Mia is a very sweet girl she is learning how to play with other dogs and toys she is super friendly just not sure about playing (lacking a bit in confidence).  She is a very hungry girl being underweight but waits patiently for her food.  Mia listens well and will blossom into a lovely family pet with some more TLC and training.

Sweet Sylvie! 
On Trial

Sylvie is a gorgeous Greyhound x Staffy of a mature vintage. This means a lot of the hard work has been done for you! Sylvie is great off-lead, is house-trained, sleeps well over night and travels well in the car. Sylvie gets along well with cats and other dogs and will be socialised with chickens. Sylvie’s favourite thing is to play with tennis balls. She is a lovely, loyal and friendly girl who would make an ideal companion for someone who doesn’t wish to go through the puppy stage - and she is very pretty, of course!

Enquire about adoption


Miss Misty

On Trial


Hi, I'm Misty! I'm an almost 3.5 year-old female mastiff cross weighing in at 42 kg.  I had a bit of a rough start to life and was hungry a lot. I still remember this, but now I can sit down and wait for my turn to be fed, and only start eating when I hear the command. I even leave some food in my bowl!

I have matured a lot and outgrown all foolish behaviour associated with puppies and young dogs. I am ready to fit into my forever home's family life.

I know all the commands a dog should know such as 'come back', 'sit' and 'heel'. I'm very clever and I have learned lot of routines, like as my humans are cooking we have to wait at the kitchen door.  And never enter the kids' bedroom and playroom, even if the door is open.

In the morning I know where to wait for breakfast, and I can go to my bed on command. I love travelling in the car and am still working on my car entry etiquette. I have it perfected after the walk but beforehand I am a bit too excited and I jump in the car before my the “boss” say so.

When my foster humans bought a puppy home for their son I immediately adopted him as my own. I love teaching him the ropes of life. He and my foster brother often call me into a wrestling match, which I love! I am a true “queen” of my castle.  I am happy to stay outside in our kennel area during the daytime with my foster dog 'brother' and 'son'. 

I love playing with my foster human’s son (who is 5 year old) and all the neighbourhood kids whom are often come over for a visit.

 When my humans come home I like to curl up in front of the fire and spend the night in their company. I am very affectionate and need my human’s attention. 

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On Trial

Hi!  My registered name is Milo bit I like Mac better. I am a staffy x about 9 months old and I love the fact that DRD rescued me!! I wasn't to sure why I ended up in the pound, I guess my curiosity got the better of me.

I am a fun-loving, energetic young dog who loves socialising with other dogs both large and small, young or old. I already know sit and come but of course I will benefit greatly with a little more training as I am very eager to please and learn new things.

I am currently in foster care with three other dogs and I will be socialised with stock and horses.  Cats are OK too, I just stay out of their way. I am also good around children and enjoy their company. I love chilling out on my bed!

I am currently 16 kg and stand at about 40 cm at the shoulder.

I was very good for the vets and loved the treats I was given when I did what I was asked to do. I take treats gently too.

I don't mind relaxing during the day as long as I get my daily exercise and learn your routine.  I might like a dog pal to keep me company throughout the day.  I travel well and love attention and lap up all the cuddles I can get.

I am looking for my forever home, one that has time for me and is prepared to spend a little time training me.

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Mac aka Milo

From his fosterer:

‘Mac is a sweet-tempered chap whose dream home would involve: someone to adore; a couch to snuggle up with adored person; a small walk once or twice a day.

We have three other dogs and he gets on with them all. He’s fine around horses, and around my sheep. He’s also no problem around the cats.

Mac is now off-lead around the hens; the times I have forgotten about him he’s been eating the chicken food, not the chickens. He’s nervous of cows and keeps his distance.

There are lots of kids and their friends going through the household and Mac’s great with them. In the car he hops in the crate, lies down and is peaceful throughout the trip. He’s also happy sleeping in a crate inside overnight. Fully house-trained.

Mac does not like being left alone – he’s not suitable for a household where everyone works all day. He is a low to medium energy dog. He would fit in with a family with a stay-at-home parent, or would work with retired people, as he’d be happy pottering around the house or garden, with a small walk every day. It would also work with a tradesperson who wanted a no-drama dog they could take to work.

Mac is incredibly affectionate and would be in dog heaven with his own person to snuggle up with.’

See a video of Mac by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

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Meet Jack!

On Trial

Jack is a staffy x around 6 months old.  After a rough start, he is now a happy, cruisy wee boy who deserves a forever home that will give him the best of care. Although he can be an active boy, Jack has a laid-back personality and doesn't need huge amounts of exercise. 

Jack will sit and wait for his food. He sleeps through the night and is getting the hang of toilet training. He is eager to please and you will have his full undivided attention if you offer him food. His strong food-focus will make him easy to train and he is still young enough to benefit greatly with training and obedience.

Jack is learning about walking on the lead. Off lead he will stay close, venturing off smelling all those smells but always coming back when called. Jack will sit when asked and comes when called. He is currently in foster care with two adult dogs and loves rough play with his older foster brother. He tends to shy away when his older foster sister tells him off.

Jack is good with cats when out and about and is learning not to bark at them at home.

Although Jack is still young, he is more than happy to curl up on his bed or curl up beside you for cuddles and affection. Come and meet this wee guy. Let him work his charm on you.

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