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Dogs for adoption

If you would like to meet any of our dogs please email or phone. If you wish to adopt we will do a property inspection and then the dog will have a week's trial at your place. PLEASE NOTE: You need a fully fenced section to adopt a dog from us.

Each dog for adoption has been registered, microchipped and vaccinated and desexed (or will be desexed as soon as possible). We ask adoptive owners for a donation of $230 towards these costs.

Adoption dogs are supplied with a pack of goodies from Mighty Mix.

If you are after a particular type of dog please let us know and we can help to keep an eye out for something suitable. Purebred dogs are not common in the pound however.




Fun-loving Freddie!


Freddie is a staffy x neutered male.  Freddie is approximately 1 year old and is of medium size.
     ♥  Extremely friendly
     ♥  Great with other dogs, sheep and horses
     ♥  Excellent recall
     ♥  Sits and waits for his food
     ♥  Loves cuddles!
     ♥  Knows the following commands:  sit, lie down and roll over
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Is crate trained

Freddie is an awesome wee dog who is so inquisitive and intelligent!  Freddie has been with Dog Rescue for over 8 months now and we are really keen to find his forever home...he would be the perfect addition to any family!!


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Magical Myth!

Myth is a gorgeous mixed breed speyed female.  Myth is approximately 1 year old and stands at 35 cms at the shoulder (medium height).

     ♥  Very sweet and friendly dog who loves attention
     ♥  Great with dogs (both large and small)
     ♥  Crate trained
     ♥  Loves walks
     ♥  Knows the following commands: sit, lie down and stay
     ♥  Is toilet trained

Myth needs a really caring home with good solid fencing.  Due to no fault of her own, Myth has had a number of temporary carers.  It would be fantastic if we could find her forever home and give her the stability and love she deserves. She relates very well to young children and is a very cuddly girl.

Loyal Jake!

Jake is a lab x neutered male.  He is approximately 4-5 years old and is of med-large size.

♥  Very doting and loyal
♥  Rarely Barks
♥  Good Recall
♥  Knows commands the following commands: sit, stay and wait, is learning fetch and lie down
♥  Is great with other dogs and cats
♥  Is toilet Trained
♥  Is learning new tricks!
♥  Loves walks, going to the dog park and running through the forest (good for a runner!)

Jake had lived most of his life in a kennel, however, he has adapted amazingly to being an inside dog and would make a great family dog!  


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Joyous Jazzy

Jazzy is a Lab X around 8 months old. She is a medium sized desexed female.

♥  Lives with kids and cats
♥  Knows the following commands: sit, lie down, bed, good on recall, wait, will  
     need some more lead training
♥  Loves the beach and the dog park
♥  Good dogs large and small
♥  Toilet trained
♥  Loves to play

Jazzy would benefit from further training and a firm leader.  She is a sweet wee girl who would make a good addition to a family ideally with other dogs.

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Lucky Lexi

 Lexi is a 2 year old, Staffy X.  She is a small-medium sized desexed female. 

     ♥  Knows sit, wait and stay
     ♥  Waits for her food
     ♥  Fantastic on her recall off lead
     ♥  Loves running around the beach
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Travels well and loves the car
     ♥  Is currently attending training classes

Lexi is a very energetic girl and would suit a family with an active lifestyle.

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Radiant Roxy

Roxy is an 8 year old lab x, desexed female.

     ♥  Loves the beach and walks
     ♥  Knows sit, stay, wait and has good recall
     ♥  Likes cats and other dogs
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Travels well
     ♥  Is very intelligent
     ♥  Loves to fetch the ball and sticks
     ♥  Will need good solid fencing

Please don't be fooled by Roxy's age as she is very quick and intelligent.  She can jump fences but once she is settled in a good caring home she knows to stay.  Roxy is partially paralysed on the left side of her face from what our vet is unsure of but it does not seem to affect her.

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Adorable Alfie!

Alfie is a huntaway x around 6 months old. He is being fostered in Mackenzie Country so it would be good to find him a home locally if possible.

     ♥  Is toilet trained

       Sleeps right through the night.

       He knows how to sit, wait, has good recall

       He walks really well on a lead and has learned heel.

     ♥  Gets on well with other dogs

He is a very quick learner and he will blossom into a wonderful family dog.  He is currently being fostered with two previous DRD dogs that are now adopted.


Charli Number Two! (Girl)


Charli was recently rescued from the DCC Pound and now needs a new loving home without young children. Charli is a female Golden Labrador X, approx 3 years old. She is currently awaiting to be neutered.

♥ Loves walks, runs and the beach
♥Toilet trained
♥ Knows basic commands - sit, stay, down, bed
♥ Loves playing and fetching
♥ Loves attention

Charli is a lovely girl and deserves a wonderful home. She would benefit from a strong master who has time to train her and a home with good solid fencing. Charli would suit a family with older children. She currently lives with young kids and a cat.

Charming Chopper



Chopper is a 9 year-old male Boxer/Lab x.  He will be desexed soon.

      ♥  Gentle nature
      ♥  Toilet trained
      ♥  Knows basic commands - sit, stay
      ♥  Loves pats and cuddles
      ♥  Loves to sleep at your feet while you're watching tv
      ♥  Not good with cats or chickens
      ♥  Great with other dogs
      ♥  Not tested with children yet

Chopper has had quite a hard life, he needs gentle walks as he is getting on in life.  He is currently adjusting to his new life and nice surroundings but still prefers to pull his blanket on the floor and sleeps there rather than his luxurious new bed. Chopper is looking forward to having a nice home to retire to.




PK is a 18 month-old male Fox Terrier x.  He will be desexed soon.

    ♥  Sweet nature
    ♥  Toilet trained
    ♥   Knows basic commands - come, sit
    ♥   Sleeps in his bed overnight
    ♥   Good with cats
    ♥   Loves other dogs
    ♥   Good off lead
    ♥   Not good with rabbits

Pk is a sweet wee boy we are very surprised he wasn't claimed or adopted from the pound.  If you're looking for a small breed dog PK would be perfect for you.

Honey is a Honey!


Honey is a mixed breed, approximately 1 year old female and is currently in season and will be desexed in 8 weeks time.

     ♥  Good with kids, chooks, and is currently learning about cats

     ♥   Knows sit, stay, wait for food and shake hands
     ♥   Is learning down and inside and outside
     ♥   Is toilet trained (can use a cat flap - dog door to go toilet)
       ♥   Loves playing fetch
     ♥   Has good recall
     ♥   Sleeps well during the night

Honey has a very loving nature and most definitely lives up to her name and would make a lovely family pet.

Cheeky Charlie!

Charlie is a 9 year old, neutered male golden lab .

     ♥  Good with other dogs
     ♥  Knows how to sit, lie down
     ♥  Is toilet trained
     ♥  Can open door handles with his paw
     ♥  Travels well in the car
     ♥  Sleeps through the night

Charlie is a very active 'typical lab' who loves his toys.  He's very inquisitive, is obsessed with food as most labs are and plays like he is still a puppy.  He would make a great family pet.

Beautiful Bonnie!



Bonnie is a 5-6 year old collie x desexed female (medium sized). 

     ♥  Loves to play with balls
     ♥  Suitable for a home with older or no children
     ♥  Suitable as the only dog in a household
     ♥  Toilet trained
     ♥  Sleeps through the night

Bonnie is currently in recovery from surgery on several mammary lumps, large hernia repair and spey.  In a couple of weeks she should be returned to full health and energy.

Meet Wilson!



Wilson is a Beardie X male and is around 12 months old.  He will be desexed very soon he is likely to be a medium-large sized dog.

    ♥   Knows how to sit
    ♥   Toilet trained
    ♥   Good with other dogs
    ♥   Ok with cats and chickens (but will give chase if the opportunity arises)

In his short time at his assessment home he has overcome his fear of the car and is progressing well, he would suit an active family home.


 Enquire about adoption

Wonderful Widget!


Widget is a staffy x female and is around 4 months old.  She will be desexed when old enough and is likely to grow to be a medium-sized dog.

    ♥   Knows how to, sit, lie down and wait for her food
    ♥   Is currently undergoing toilet training
Very sociable with dogs and kids
Sleeps through the night

 Widget is a fun-loving happy wee girl who is extremely intelligent and her training is progressing well for one so young.  Widget is currently on trial in one of our assessment homes and is so far fitting in very well.


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Sweet Jilly!

Jilly is a sweet wee 6 month old staffy x, speyed female and is expected to grow to small-med size.

♥  Food orientated so easy to train!
♥  Crated trained
♥  Good on the lead
♥  Toilet trained
♥  Knows the following commands: sit and wait
♥  Good recall
♥  Loves water
♥  Socialised with children
♥  Good with cats and other dogs
Jilly's has been attending puppy classes and is doing very well plus getting lots of socialisation. She would make a lovely family pet.  Good solid fencing is recommended at this stage.

Terrific Toby

Toby is a heeler/collie x approximately a 6 month old neutered male.

     ♥   Has a great gentle nature
     ♥   Is good with kids and other dogs

     ♥   Travels well
     ♥   Is toilet trained
     ♥   Loves playing fetch
     ♥   Is good with horses, sheep, chickens and ducks

     ♥   Is a fast learner

Toby would make a good all-round family pet with his lovely nature.

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